May 16, 2010
DELAVAN, WI — May 16, 2010 —Pentair Flow Technologies is introducing the BERKELEY DRY-RUN Seal System as an option for BERKELEY® centrifugal pumps. The DRY-RUN Seal System protects against damage by providing continual lubrication to the mechanical seals; and is ideal for demanding applications such as irrigation systems, rental fleets and construction dewatering.
When a pump must run dry for several hours, loses its prime without being shut off, or requires extended time for priming, heat and friction can build up to the point of destroying seals and damaging the pump. When these conditions cannot be avoided, the DRY-RUN Seal System can prevent costly damage by providing continuous lubrication to essential pump components.


Integrated Components Protect Pump Investment

The DRY-RUN Seal System consists of four integrated components” said Jim Hughes, Vertical Marketing Manager for Pentair. “Together, they provide superior protection against heat and friction damage to your pump investment.” These components are:
1.      DRY-RUN Gland – Surrounds shaft; channels a continuous flow of lubricant to shaft and mechanical seal to cool and minimize friction. Mounts in both CW and CCW pump configurations.
2.      Lubricant Reservoir – Supplies lubricant to the DRY-RUN Gland through pumping action created by rotating shaft. Circulating lubricant transfers heat away from shaft & seals to the reservoir. 
3.      Mechanical Seal – Provides containment of lubrication.
4.      Shaft Sleeve – Replaceable hardened stainless steel sleeve provides the ideal surface finish for lip seal operation.
The DRY-RUN Seal System, as well a full line of BERKELEY brand pumps, motors and controls, are available through a network of more than 5,000 authorized dealers throughout North America. More information on the DRY-RUN Seal System, including where to buy, is available at



BERKELEY manufactures a diverse line of high-performance pumps and motors for use in the industrial, commercial & agricultural markets. BERKELEY was founded in 1937, and is located in Delavan, Wisconsin. For more information, visit BERKELEY is a part of Pentair Flow Technologies, a division of Pentair, Inc.


About Pentair, Inc.

Pentair ( (NYSE:PNR) is a global diversified industrial company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its Water Group is a global leader in providing innovative products and systems used worldwide in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water. Pentair's Technical Products Group is a leader in the global enclosures and thermal management markets, designing and manufacturing thermal management products and standard, modified, and custom enclosures that protect sensitive electronics and the people that use them. With 2009 revenues of $2.7 billion, Pentair employs approximately 13,150 people worldwide.
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