PENTAIR Launches Water Pressure Site

August 15, 2011
DELAVAN, Wis. – August 15, 2011 — The Residential Flow division of Pentair (NYSE:PNR) has announced the launch today of a new website dedicated to addressing pressure issues for homeowners with residential water well systems. This website provides homeowners with an understanding of what causes low and/or fluctuating water pressure, describes the PENTEK Intellidrive™ – an intelligent pressure-control system, and refers homeowners to local Contractors who can help them solve their pressure problems.
The new website, located at both and, serves to both educate and offer solutions. According to Vertical Market Manager Susan O’Grady, Studies show that low pressure and fluctuating pressure are nuisances for homeowners who are on residential water well systems. But many homeowners assume that poor pressure is just an unfortunate reality of not being on city water. “This site gives homeowners the solutions they may not even know exist,” says O’Grady. “Plus, it links them to professional water well contractors, providing an active lead management system for our Dealers.”
Interactive Educational Tools
The new website contains several interactive tools to educate homeowners on both pressure issues and the PENTEK Intellidrive solution. On the “How It Works” page, users view a cut-away animation of a typical home on a water well system. When users click various hotspots within the home, informative graphics dynamically appear in order to explain, in layman’s terms, how Pentair’s intelligent pressure control system works. On the “Conventional vs. PENTEK Intellidrive” page, users can turn on & off virtual showers, appliance and sprinklers to replicate changing water demands. Under high-demand, users can see how the PENTEK Intellidrive provides constant, non-fluctuating pressure, while the conventional system experiences low and fluctuating pressure. Pentair believes that this interactivity, as well as highly-impactful graphics and animations, will help homeowners understand why water pressure is important and why the PENTEK Intellidrive is their optimal solution.