Customer Access Information


What is Customer Access? Customer Access is a software program designed to bring you easy access to your order status or Pentair product price and availability.

Don’t get caught without sufficient product inventory! Our Customer Access Program allows you to quickly check the status of your purchase orders any time during the day or night by using “ORDER STATUS” function. Your ship-to and sold-to addresses will automatically appear in the application’s main page. You can select a date range or use the default range of 30 days. Enter a P.O. number or search by all orders, open orders only or complete orders only. Once you have selected the order you are interested in you can print a copy of the order, get delivery information using the track or delivery links, or view or print a copy of your invoice by using the invoice link.

The Customer Access Program allows you to monitor product availability from our warehouse 24/7! This feature allows you to more accurately quote availability to your customers. Our “Pricing and Availability” option is available to show your pricing for product and let you view real time availability of product. This screen will display the material number, gross weight, customer net price, customer list price, % off list and give you a brief description of the product. You will be able to view location availability for any of our shipping points in the United States.

Please call our Customer Access hotline at 866-880-3771 so that we can create your account today.